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862 Fly Fishing Reel

862 Fly Fishing Reel

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Spool Capacity

The 862 Fly Fishing Reel is available in three different models based on your fishing needs - 3/4 (model 3000), 5/6 (model 5000) and 7/8 (model 7000). These fly fishing reels are designed to provide optimal performance while you're out on the water. With a spool diameter of 75mm/2.95in for the 3/4 model, 85mm/3.340in for the 5/6 model, and 96mm/3.77in for the 7/8 model, these reels can handle different line capacities. The 7/8WT model has a line capacity of WF8+90yds of 20lb, the 5/6WT model has a line capacity of WF6+60yds of 20lb, and the 3/4WT model has a line capacity of WF4+60yds of 20lb.

The fly fishing wheel type design of these reels provides a smooth and efficient fishing experience. They're made from high-quality billet aluminum, and anodized to ensure they can withstand the elements and provide long-lasting performance. Whether you're an experienced angler or just starting out, these fly fishing reels are perfect for catching all types of fish.


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