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944 Lip Gripper and Pliers

944 Lip Gripper and Pliers

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These Lip Griper and Pliers are the perfect fishing tool to add to your fishing gear collection. Made from high-quality aluminum alloy, these fishing pliers are durable and reliable, designed to withstand the harsh conditions of any fishing environment.

The Lip Griper and Pliers come in two stunning colors, blue and red, and feature a sleek and ergonomic design. The lip gripper is 11.4" in length while the pliers are 6.8" in length, providing enough leverage for a strong and secure grip while handling your catch.

The lip gripper weight capacity is impressive, with a capacity to weigh up to 16kg or 35lbs, making it ideal for catching large fish. The Lip Griper and Pliers are easy to use, providing a comfortable grip that allows you to hold onto your catch with ease.

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