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LG750 Lip Gripper

LG750 Lip Gripper

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The Collapsible Aluminum Lip Gripper is a high-quality fishing accessory designed to make your fishing experience more convenient and efficient. Made from Billet Aluminum Alloy, this lip gripper is durable and lightweight, ensuring ease of use and long-lasting performance.

With a capacity of 70lb, this fishing tool is perfect for catching medium to large-sized fish. Its collapsible design, with a length of 11.2" and a folded length of 7.3", makes it easy to store and transport.

This Lip Gripper comes in three colors - Green, Blue, and Red - allowing you to choose one that best suits your style and preferences. Whether you're a professional angler or an amateur, the Collapsible Aluminum Alloy Lip Gripper is a must-have fishing tool that will make your fishing experience more enjoyable and productive.

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